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Marine Services

Marine Services

1- Provisions and Bond Stores

We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms and trade vessels with provisions requirements maintaining the international health codes

Frozen prime meat, poultry, dairy products and dry stuff are sourced from famous brands from all over the world considering variation in crew nationalities to meet the different tastes

Our refrigerator trucks deliver orders at any of the Egyptian Ports.

Bonded Stores
Beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs are available at highly competitive prices.


2- Technical Stores


We know how much important maintenance operation is & criticality of repair works, we share responsibility with you by providing the right quality & specifications required.

Right item @ right price @ right time -> anytime

Cabin-safety-stationary-deck-engine-chemicals coating-lashing equipments.

Mooring & Towing ropes

Steel wire ropes galvanized or not and its accessories.

Anchors, anchor chains, shackles and lashing equipments.

Marine chemicals and tanks cleaning materials.

Coating, painting and its equipments.

Personal safety and protective gears.

Marine and industrial fire fighting equipments.

Safety, IMO signs and rescue equipments

Hoses, coupling and nozzles for marine and industrial use

Marine electrical fittings

Electronics and navigational equipments

Pneumatic and electrical tools(decaling, grinding Equipments)

Pneumatic and electrical pumps and winches

Hand and cutting tools

Measuring instruments

Metal sheets and bars

All types, shapes of bolts, nuts and washers

Carbon steel pipes tubes and its fittings

All types of marine and industrial valves

Packing and jointing materials

Welding and cutting equipments

Hoists of all types

Tank/Hatch/Sludge oil/ Garbage Cleaning
Supply & Refilling Cylinders bottles of Oxygen, Acetylene and Freon etc.
Annual Inspection of Life raft, fire extinguisher, EEBD, SCBA, CO2 system, Life
3-Safety and Rescue Equipments

We supply, Install, test, annual services and certification providing maker and class society certificates

Marine personal safety, and rescue equipments (life rafts, lifeboats and related equipments) rescue boats.
Lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, breathing apparatus, IMO signs)
Fire extinguishers (foam, dry chemicals, CO2, inergen)

4- Parcels Custom Clearance
Our Cairo air Port office taking all necessary measures to clear your spare parts parcels ensuring fastest dispatch to reach vessel or destination worldwide at the right time and at the most economical rates.

These spare parts consignment are accessible, traceable and inventory controlled via login our website

5- Repair Works
Porto Marine Services associated with High tech. class society approved workshops capable of handling wide range of maintenance and overhaul

6- Spare Parts Supply
We are connected and daily updated with what’s available in the ship breakers, we select the new or Standard used spare parts to deliver your needed spare parts no matter the place and at the right time, also supply the reconditioned spare parts
Main/E , auxiliary engines, diesel and HFP generators, turbochargers, purifiers air compressors pumps turbines hydraulics and the range of engine room machinery.

7- Freight Forwarder offering Clearance to import & export shipments by all customs area in Egypt porto Provides the service from & to the main port in Egypt with sea and air international transport forwarding services, inland trucking & store door delivery , which include booking , transferring, customs brokerage, commodity inspection, warehousing, documentation & insurance
8- Logistics
Located in the centre of the Damietta our company can provide excellent logistic services for various customers. We can store all sorts of machines, tools, spares and other products in our warehouse.

We are PORTO company in EGYPT which stocks more than 2500 admiralty charts updated with the latest information which is one of our main tasks.


PORTO keeps in stock a full, Mediterranean, Black and Red sea chart coverage including all UKHO Nautical Publications and a wide range of other publications by various nautical publishers. We also stock digital products including ARCS and IC-ENC together with other traditionally paper based products which are now available in digital format.

The Company has been fully computerized since establishment and offers a comprehensive management service to customers. This ensures that the charts and nautical publications on board their vessels whether paper or in electronic format, are kept up to date, thereby aiding safe navigation.



We offer expert advice to Ship Owners and Managers on compiling a Ship Index of charts and nautical publications. The Company has developed its own specialized indexes which can be customized to suit the Ship's trading requirements.


Our new edition service ensures the regular and automatic supply of new editions of those charts and publications contained in the Ship's Index. This service guarantees that the latest editions of charts and publications are carried on board in accordance with the SOLAS requirements.

Dispatch of supplies to any port in the world can be arranged at short notice and at very competitive rates.


We supply weekly BA Notices to Mariners together with Chart Correction Tracings to our worldwide customer base and if required US Notices to Mariners and Chart Correction tracings can also be supplied. We can also offer the Chart Co system that includes the weekly transmission of digital notices to mariners and tracings by satellite broadcast.


For ships using our new edition service, a weekly computer generated chart correction list is also available which identifies those corrections in the week's Notice to Mariners that apply to charts contained in Ship's Index. Navigators find that this service saves significant amounts of time.


We issue regular newsletter bulletins to customers informing them of any new publications that are available or pending


We will be pleased to discuss any other related requirements that you may have.


Bond Stores

We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms

Technical Stores

Share responsibility with you by providing the right quality&specifications required.

Rescue Equipments

Supply, Install, test, annual services and certification providing maker .